Body Temp Scanners

ONS Digital is excited to bring 2 new products to market. Our BTM-1 and BTM-2 are the latest in Non-Contact Thermal Temperature Detection Systems.

Thermal Temperature Detection Systems are now available through ONS Digital. Thermal Readers and Cameras offer a solution for measuring the temperature of people entering a facility or event. These Systems offer either Facial Recognition and Non-Contact Body Temperature readings or just Non-Contact Body Temperature readings. These are a cost effective way of checking Guests, Patrons, Attendees and Employees when they first enter your facility. No longer will you have to ask them to stop, get on your gloves and a mask and point a hand held Infrared Thermometer at the head. This makes it quicker, easier and safer your staff.

With concerns about potential exposure to COVID-19, and as companies r re-open, temperature screening has become a necessity. As many businesses are focusing on re-opening there doors, there is a greater need for monitoring employees and crowds. Since screening individuals in a busy setting is impossible to do manually, many varieties of Automatic Temperature screening systems have come in to play.

With all the new procedures in place to just do “business as normal” these Temperature Scanner take one thing off your plate. They can scan 20-30 people a minute and allow your staff to go back to doing the things they normally do.

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