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ONS Digital creates Digital Social Walls that combine typical Social Walls and Digital Signage; so you can automatically bring together social messages and images from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and combine it with Sponsorship into one beautiful display, where everyone can see your customized stream of content in real-time and be inspired to join the conversation!

Most Social Media walls just feature Real-Time feeds from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
Most Digital Signage, like you see at the Local Restaurant or Auto Body Shop, are closed systems that just show advertising.

ONS Digital combines the best of both of these solutions. We take the traditional Social Wall and embed it into a digital Signage solution so that you get the best of both worlds.

What are the Benefits to You and Your Event?

Create an Interactive Social Focal Point for Guests.
Create a fun experience for guests. Guests at your event will love taking selfie’s and seeing them in real time on the Screens. The screens encourage people to share their experiences through photos and messages and provide opportunities to build a relationship with your guests.

Create a WOW factor at your events.
Wow your guests with beautiful Social Walls that get your message out and entertain guests . Social media walls provide a beautiful and constantly changing ambient feature that delivers real value.

Promote your Event and Your Sponsors.
Your Social Wall will constantly update itself, a new posts shows up every 10 seconds. The wall will also pull in old posts and even play video content so that the wall is constantly changing and entertaining.

Build Your Online Presence and get Amazing Marketing Material for Future Events.
When the Walls are combined with Selfie Spots, Guests are motivated to take Selfie’s and then use your custom hashtag. When they use your hashtag the posts show up on the Walls, you can track posts, see engagement, and use analytics suite to identify influencers, reach and impressions. This allows you to understand your top posters, identify what guests were engaged with and to refine your hashtag campaigns.